Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New York Inspiration

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys have been telling me for months now to give it up to New York and that its bright lights will inspire me, but I found something far more inspiring when Mariana and I finally set foot in the beautiful apartment of our friends Stephen and Sarah. They had a double-headed shower and a bathtub! Plus, as if that were not enough, they had the BIGGEST towels that I have ever laid eyes on. The towels were so plush that I felt like “Snuggles” from the old Bounty Softener commercials had come back from the dead solely to wrap me up in his softness. The sheer size of the towels rivaled the entire square footage of some of the hotel rooms that we stayed in while we were touring Southeast Asia.

Stephen and Sarah are newlyweds, so they have all sorts of cool attractions like coffee makers, big screen TVs, comfortable sheets, and a stocked liquor cabinet. I should be jet-lagged, but I am already finding myself settled in as a New Yorker and I am excited to get out and see the town. So I will save the bright lights crap for all of the rappers and hip-hoppers; just give me a hot shower, clean sheets, and towels so big that they could cover a king size bed.

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  1. :) So when will ya'll be back in Texas?