Sunday, April 25, 2010

Broke and Broken at the Chicken Shack

After a fun day of exploring the beautiful city of Rudesheim that is located directly on the Rhein River, Zach and Joy invited us to join their family for some good old fashioned beer and fried chicken. With practically no self-control remaining and my gluttonous behavior nearly reaching its pinnacle I gladly agreed to chow down on some goodies. My only penance was that Zach made me ride his BMX bike all the way to the biergarten that they casually refer to as the “Chicken Shack”, although I am pretty sure that no amount of exercise can pardon a man’s consumption of half a fried chicken. Zach loves bikes and each member of the family has their own means of environmental transportation, so getting to the “shack” was easy. Unfortunately and unbeknownst to its owner, the bike that towed his oldest son had a slow leaking tire that became entirely flat while we ate dinner. To make matters worse, we were so distracted by the opportunity to eat good food and consume good beer that we didn’t stop to check if we had enough money to pay our bill. You see, places known as chicken shacks do not normally take credit cards, so cash is essential. We found ourselves emptying our pockets and counting change as the owner of the restaurant laughed at our embarrassment, only to find out that we were 4 Euros short of paying our bill without leaving a tip. Zach, being a man of impeccable character, jumped on his hobbled bike and vowed to return quickly with the extra cash. I, not wanting to look ungrateful, mistakenly decided to join him and tail him on the BMX. My overall biking inadequacies on a tiny bike with one gear, combined with three large beers and half a fried chicken, immediately made me one hugely obnoxious liability for speed. With a little big brothering from Zach and some quad burning hustle, we finally made it back to the house and grabbed some extra Euros. Needless to say, we took the CAR back to the restaurant and paid our debt to a pleasantly surprised waitress.

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