Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easter Funday

Anna and her friend picked us up once again on Easter Sunday for a visit to the Hungarian countryside. Our destination was the sleepy little town of Szentendre which is famous for a food (what else?) called Langos. Langos consists of fresh bread that is sometimes fried then smothered with homemade sour cream, onions, bacon, and cheese…”I don’t know, I probably shouldn’t, I have put on a few pounds in the last week, and well…OK, where do I sign up?” We visited a Hungarian cultural center where a historical preservation society had transferred authentic sections of old villages and rebuilt them to accurately represent the lives of countryside peasants from centuries past. The center was also hosting an Easter festival that included traditional Hungarian music and egg painting. Everything within the park was intriguing and educational, but I was sad to hear that we were going to have to miss the sheep beauty contest as it was being held on the following day. A particular ewe-goddess had caught my eye earlier in the day and although I thought we had something, I will now unfortunately never know.

After lunch we headed to the very pinnacle of my nerdiness as we made our way to the ruins of an ancient castle. The Visegrad castle sits atop a hillside overlooking a massive and scenic bend in the mighty Danube River. The looming structure played host to a number of famous medieval dignitaries like Hungary’s King Charles I and served as a stronghold for both Hungary and the Ottoman Empire. Soaking in such a vast amount of history enhanced my hunger for knowledge, but unfortunately, I could still not deny my newfound appetite pertaining to food. So, my heart leapt as Anna suggested that we finish our Easter Funday with yet another savory Hungarian dinner. I love being fat and happy.

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