Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Bavarian King of Biergartens

As a warm blooded male hailing from the great state of Texas, I have an inherent love of drinking beer. Consumption is usually paired with some form of social activity like barbecuing or hunting, but there is nothing quite like simply just sitting across the table from your best friend and solving life's problems over a nice cold one. So I naturally jumped on the opportunity to do so when it presented itself in the beautiful Bavarian city of Munich in southern Germany. Unaware of sound brewing historical significance I soon found out that I was also unknowingly sitting in the presence of greatness. There are literally thousands of great places to experience the authentic outdoor drinking phenomenon in Germany, but Mariana and I were fortunate enough to stumble upon the palatial King of all biergartens on our only day in town.

The Hofbrauhaus am Platzl is less like your typical biergarten and more like a sacred institution dedicated to the art of consuming massive amounts of brewing excellence. I am always worried about being offensive in the face of cultural differences, so I casually surveyed the Germans around me and monitored their actions closely. Within ten minutes, I confidently ordered 2 large beers, a small variety of brats (with mustard), potatoes au gratin, and a pretzel that was slightly larger than my face. Judging by the lack of awkward glares from my fellow patrons, I felt like I had made a sound decision. A few sips of homemade brew and a few bites of delicious fare later, I knew with all certainty that I was in fact sitting in the greatest biergarten in the World. Mariana concurred and we proceeded to have one of the greatest dates of our lives. Good conversation, great food, incredible beer, and an absolute knock-out sitting across the table from me. Are you kidding me? I wish these moments could last forever.

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