Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hungry in Hungary

Chicken paprika, beef goulash, pancakes filled with ground meat, traditional bean soup with ham, peppers stuffed with turkey, all smothered with rich sauces and served on beds of pastas and rice. If tender meats and hearty sauces don’t float your boat, then you can choose from a wide variety of hand-made breads both salty and sweet. So, 14 days and 15 pounds later, I find myself eating my final delicious, savory meal in Hungary. I can feel my stomach stretching to capacity and my appetite slowing, but my lack of self-control in regards to food and drink will not allow me stop. So I eat through the pain, finish my glass of wine, slip into a groggy sleep, and prepare for the smorgasbord of sausage and beer that awaits me in Germany. Apparently any hope of losing weight while traveling the World has been lost in Europe, but I hold no regrets whatsoever.

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