Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Hostel Environment

"Welcome to Thailand!!" Now take off your shoes and try not to get the toilet seat wet when you shower.

The last time that I was in Bangkok, Mariana and I stayed at a five star hotel on the 54th floor overlooking downtown and the Chao Praya river. My taxi driver had to go through a security check point where they searched the car for bombs before he was let through to the lobby drop off. I was greeted by four people who quickly grabbed my bags, checked me in, and whisked me away to my 900 square foot hotel room. The suite came equipped with a plush king size bed, two flat screen televisions, a kitchenette, a walk in shower, a bath tub, and a living room. Mariana and I had dinner at a renowned restaurant on the 74th floor and grabbed a drink at the uber-chic bar overlooking the entire city. Ahhh, life was good.

Fast forward to today and...our taxi driver could not find the place, it is located in a dark alleyway in central Bangkok, we are on the second floor in a four story building, a cat AND a dog just walked out of the restaurant across the street, and the lobby is open (quite literally) to all public passersbye. Our room has a queen bed that feels much like the floor, you can take a shower while simultaneously using the toilet (literally), and there is NO television!!

So I will take my shoes off when I enter, I will try not to get too much water on the toilet when I shower, and I will actually sit and talk with my wife about our day's adventure when we return to our room tomorrow evening.

Life is great.

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