Friday, January 22, 2010

Farewell for Now Thailand

Bangkok is a city full of eccentric side shows, bizarre gastronomies, and down-right ridiculous practices, but more importantly, it is a city inhabited by mostly loving and humble people. Even the truly down-trodden, disenfranchised poor will consistently greet you with a passionate "Sawasdee Ka/Krup" and a traditional "wai". They hold a deep respect for those around them (friend and stranger), which I am assuming stems directly from the eternally ingrained teachings of Buddha. In addition to their humility, they revere their King with such vigor that it is completely incomprehensible to almost every outsider. There are many ways that I could improve upon myself, but perhaps the virtue that I desire the most from the Thai people is their passion. Mariana and I will always cherish our travelling experiences wherever we venture, but we will move on to our next destination with a profoundly enhanced respect for the nation of Thailand and its beautiful citizens.

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