Monday, February 1, 2010

Never Eat Pink Pringles

Let me just preface this entry with the fact that I devoured a bowl of noodle soup with snails for breakfast this morning. I am not, and never will be by any means, a conservative consumer of foreign cuisine.

Just stay away from the pink pringles...Trust Me!

Asia as a whole is filled with snacks that are flavored with a wide variety of seafoods. Perhaps the most popular salt water seasoning that the Willy Wonka's of the Far East create is the "shrimp or prawn" flavored chip, cracker, candy, etc. I normally bypass the snack aisle in Southeast Asian supermarkets convinced that their options are not adventurous and hardly worth my refined consideration. That was, until I happened to catch the the eye of a familiar face known as Mr. Pringle inviting me to try his "grilled shrimp flavored" chips. Damn you, Mr. Pringle and your devilish good looks and your lipless, mustache-filled smile, you got got me good. Who in their right mind sees pink colored chips on a bottle and actually buys them...idiot! I had one chip and never touched them again.

It can be very awkward when someone you know and love betrays you. I feel confident that Mr. Pringle and I will eventually patch things up, but I have informed him that, at least for now, we are "on a break" indefinitely.

*Mariana and I were fortunate enough to attend a traditional play consisting of water puppets and Vietnamese can check out the videos below if you are curious.


  1. Hey bro. Glad to see you enjoying the local cuisine. And I am glad that we finally have a gauge on the limitations of your palate. I can't believe it took shrimp pringles to get it done.

  2. Just found this, so glad you are blogging so we can follow along! The food is grossing me out, though...