Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Feel Like Such a Beach

I just spent the last 10 days of my life sitting on a scenic stretch of beach in southern Sri Lanka. Each morning's sunrise woke me to a world of relaxation and every sunset served as a natural exclamation point finishing another beautiful day of doing nothing in paradise. My time was mostly devoted to watching surfers and cricketers as I consumed copious amounts of rice, curry, and beer. Now don't get me wrong, decisions like whether to sit in a beach chair or lay in a bungalow had to be made and I did my best to carry out those tasks with supreme confidence and conviction. There were also times when I had to repeatedly turn down beach massages or shoo away the "hand-crafted" jewelry sales people, but all-in-all, life was good. By the way, I am convinced that there is a global ring of "hand-crafted" jewelry lords that manufacture loads of the same crap and conspire for them to be sold on every beach in the known World. I can only assume that they operate in a Mafia or Pyramid-scheme like fashion. Honestly, about the only constructive contribution that I made to society over the past week and a half was that I actually got out of the pool to pee for the first time in my life. This uncharacteristic action led me to ponder if this was a sign of maturity, a recognition of social awareness, or just simply the right thing to do.

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  1. Hey there! Cannot believe I'm just now catching up with all of yalls adventures! How did I miss the memo??? Or did you tell me and I forgot? Hmmm... well regardless, I saw your Dad the other day and he asked if I was keeping up with the blog, and so here I am, not quite half-way through, and totally jealous and happy for yall's adventures! Have fun! Be safe! I'll reply more to others later :)